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Can we really be surprised by government corruption and folly?  At this point I think it’s safer to assume that a politician is seriously lacking in the moral compass department.  Our government has become a twisted and unrecognizable visage of its former self, the ranks of which are filled to near capacity with power hungry individuals seeking to control Americans to do one thing, while doing another thing, often times the opposite thing.

This is America, people.  You shouldn’t be afraid to speak your mind and share your opinions (unless you’re holding, of course).  So what drives a man like Mr. Robert Watson to condemn something that he clearly practices?  Mr. Watson was quoted last February saying “if you are a Guatemalan gay man who likes to gamble and smokes marijuana” which is not even grammatically correct.  Likes to smokes marijuana?  Does yous enjoys the marijuana smokings?  Clearly he doeses.

And this man was voted into office democratically.  This man was chosen, possibly over numerous other candidates, to represent the people of his district.  Clearly his district is full of hypocritical retarded people who drive around town getting stoned instead of just doing it at their fucking house.  As someone who will outright combat the senseless persecution of marijuana, I am also someone who has seen the pain and suffering that impaired driving can inflict upon individuals and families, and I would never ever, ever in my entire life, condone the use of marijuana, or any other debilitating substance, while operating a vehicle on public roads.

Mr. Watson said “he’s planning a statement later in the day” regarding the charges.  Really?  I hope that statement involves the words “sorry” and “ resignation” otherwise it’s just a waste of everyone’s time.  Clearly you have proven not to be a trustworthy individual, capable of handling the responsibilities of being an adult, never mind a part of our government.